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2hr- Organ Procurement and Transplantation

Presented by
David Loaiza-Funk
August 15, Saturday 14:00 PDT
August 17, Monday 14:00 PDT
August 19, Wednesday 14:00 PDT
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Here is What You'll Learn


Organ and tissue donation provides hope for thousands of people with organ failure or tissue diseases and injuries. Improved surgical techniques and new anti-rejection drugs permit the successful transplantation of organs and tissues. In addition to the benefits that the transplant recipient receives, the donor family is presented with opportunities that may help them cope with the loss of someone special. One of the benefits for families whose loved one is able to donate organs and tissues includes knowing that their loved one’s gift has provided an extension or improvement of the quality of life for another person. One organ donor can potentially help up to eight people. Recipients often return to healthy, active lifestyles after organ transplantation. For instance, kidney recipients live free of dialysis; pancreas recipients are cured of diabetes; heart, lung and liver recipients are able to return to work; and small intestine recipients are cured of digestive disorders. This presentation will provide an overview of the organ procurement process, types of organ donation, types of providers, cultural examples and vocabulary.


1.     To make participants more familiar with the process of organ procurement and the terminology behind it.

2.     Interpreters will gain an understanding of the ethical implications behind ‘dying the right way’ under medical terms and how to define death.

3.     Enhance knowledge and understanding through common phrases and vocabulary

Level: Intermediate to Advance


About the Presenter

Dávid Loaiza-Funk founded Diversidad LLC to eliminate language barriers while enhancing inclusion in the community of Southern Nevada. Dávid has a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration as well as dual certification in medical/healthcare interpreting and a black belt in Lean Six Sigma for Quality improvement. Dávid served as the Chair of the Diversity Committee for ACHE-NV Chapter receiving a Regent at Large Diversity Award in 2017.

Dávid started the Nevada Caucus through the National Association of Latinos Healthcare Executives (NALHE) and he received the NAHLE 2016 leadership award, and he currently serves as a Director-at-Large for the Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition.

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August 15th
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